Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Nestled between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this California winter run is a great way to burn or bank some holiday calories. Set on the Five Canyon Open Space trails in Castro Valley, this race features a 5.8 mile loop, of which you can run or hike it one, or multiple times. You are free to run the loo in reverse, as well. Loosely defined as a fixed time event, runners will have access to aid stations, and be timed within a 10 hour window: 8am to 6pm. The idea is to run your age in miles (this race is inspired by Baldwyn's desire to run 40 miles the day after his 40th birthday), but to remain open to runners of all types, you can run anyone's age in miles. Or hike, hiking's ok. Dogs welcome!

This event features a POKER RUN. Every lap, runners will check in at the main aid station record their time and draw a card. Because we're kind of light on runners, I can't convince my family to be there the whole time. I will count on you to record your time and draw your card yourself if there is no one there. If you are showing up after 8, you can hang around for me, or call me on my cell at (408) 375-7966, or just put your name on the pad on the aid-station table, record your time and go! NOTE: The deck order will be recorded ahead of time to prevent cheating! :) Draw the top card only. The more laps you finish, the better your hand, and the top hand of 5 cards will win the pot. It will be $20 to play. You can opt out of the poker run, and run for free.

Come for the run, stay for the fun, there will be finish-line food, birthday cake, adult beverages at the finish, and awards to all participants.

Start: Crestfield Circle and Woodbury, in Castro Valley, Ca.

Course: Hilly trails in the Five Canyon Open Space Area, ranging from quiet forests, to grazing lands with Bay Area vistas, without being too far from civilization.

Time: Timing and aid will be provided between 8am and 6pm, and runners can start any time within that window. Early starts will be considered as well (but you won't get any more cards for loops run after your 10 hour mark).

Aid Stations: There will be one main aid station at the start of the loop, featuring fruit, PB&J's, snacks, candy, gels (primarily e-Gels), water and sports drinks. If you have specific nutritional needs, it is recommended you pack a bag and leave it at the start. There is a large playground at the 1.8 mile mark, with water fountains, and rest rooms, and another water fountain at a small playground around the 5 mile mark. Water bowls for dogs will be available at the main aid station.

Awards: Poker Run pot will be awarded to the runner with the top hand at 6pm. Custom Christmas ornaments will be presented to each participant.

Start/End and Main Aid Station Address is: 25665 Crestfield Circle, Castro Valley, CA. This is a friend's house who is graciously lending me their driveway for the day!

Register Now so I know how much food to buy, and ornaments to order

Email: Phone: (408) 375-7966}